Web Application
Penetration Testing

Your web application is a vital part of your organisation and its security can be critical. Our CREST-accredited Web Application Penetration Testing service discovers where your web application is vulnerable and can help you remediate these vulnerabilities to prevent exploitation by attackers.

What is a Web Application Penetration Test?

Web applications have become increasingly sophisticated over the past few decades. As the complexity of web applications increases so too does the attack surface, making web apps a fruitful target for attackers. Vulnerabilities in your web application can result in data breaches, compromise of the web server, or denial of service.

Our CREST-accredited Web Application Penetration Testing places us in the attacker’s shoes. We begin by mapping out your web application, identifying all requests and workflows where an attacker may seek vulnerabilities and then methodologically conduct testing of parameters that may be used to the attacker’s advantage. Any vulnerabilities found will be prioritised and accompanied by clear remediation recommendations. Implementing these will help to better secure and protect your web application.

Our web application testing adopts the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide methodology and covers the OWASP Top 10 to help deliver comprehensive security testing. The vulnerabilities we look for vary depending on the technologies configured and the scope agreed with the client.

Findings are consolidated and prioritised in a report alongside clear remediation recommendations. The report is structured in a way that benefits stakeholders of all levels of technical understanding.

What Makes Our Web App Penetration Testing Different?

  1. All our penetration testing is conducted by CREST qualified, UK based staff, and Predatech is also CREST-accredited at a company level

  2. Predatech clients have direct access to their penetration tester throughout the engagement who’ll answer any questions, provide demonstrations, and work closely with the client team.

  3. At the end of each day of testing, our testers will provide a vulnerability summary of issues identified so far which provides a moving picture of how the engagement is progressing.

  4. We provide complimentary retesting as standard. Once a client has remediated any vulnerabilities discovered during testing, Predatech will retest to ensure that these vulnerabilities have been remediated successfully and we’ll issue an updated report to reflect any changes.

What Does Testing Involve?

Session management testing

Authentication mechanism testing

Configuration and deployment management testing

Data validation testing (e.g. SQLi, XSS, XXE etc)

Identity management testing

Authorisation testing

Business logic testing

Why Predatech?

Qualified Security

Assessments undertaken by CREST Registered Penetration Testers.

Clear & Focused

Findings reported in plain English and prioritised to help you focus on what really matters.


Competitive quotes tailored to your business with no hidden costs.


Proven track record of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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