Penetration Testing as a Service

Traditional penetration testing offers a point in time evaluation of your systems’ security, but with cyber threats constantly, a proactive, year-round solution can help to better protect organisations. Our CREST-accredited Penetration Testing as a Service integrates continuous automated and manual testing year-round, augmenting the traditional pentesting approach.

What is Penetration Testing as a Service?

A traditional penetration test provides an effective in-depth assessment of your systems’ security but it’s only a snapshot in time of your organisation’s security posture.

New threats are regularly emerging and critical security issues could be present for months before they are discovered.

Our ongoing penetration testing service helps to address this gap.

By combining ongoing automated testing with the manual collaboration of a dedicated penetration tester, we can continuously look for and identify vulnerabilities across your organisation’s network/cloud infrastructure and web applications.

Throughout the year you’ll have direct access to our penetration testing team who will provide clear recommendations and support for any vulnerabilities discovered.

Each month you’ll receive a debrief on the current state of your organisation’s attack surface, cutting through the noise, and providing clear actions to improve your security posture.

Key Features

Year-round monitoring and analysis of your attack surface by a dedicated team of penetration testers

Identification of vulnerabilities as soon as they appear across your network/cloud infrastructure and web applications (incl. newly published zero-day vulnerabilities)

Unlimited support and retesting for security issues discovered

Ongoing attack surface discovery for organisation domains, IP addresses and services

Dark web monitoring for breached credentials related to organisation accounts

Monthly debriefs which provide clear actions to help you focus your security efforts

Why Predatech?

Qualified Security

Assessments undertaken by CREST Registered Penetration Testers.

Clear & Focused

Findings reported in plain English and prioritised to help you focus on what really matters.


Competitive quotes tailored to your business with no hidden costs.


Proven track record of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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