Social Engineering

People are often the weakest link in your organisation’s security, making them an enticing target for an attacker. Through our social engineering services, we tailor engagements to provide clear insights into how resilient your organisation would be against a real-life attack. This enables you to effectively strengthen your human-centric security measures.

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering involves manipulating individuals into divulging confidential information or carrying out actions that serve the attackers’ interests using deceptive strategies. It is one of the most common vectors an attacker will use to compromise an organisation and the exploits have a low barrier to entry.

Social engineering attacks can take various forms, including phishing emails, phone calls, or even in-person interactions. Phishing, in particular, remains a prevalent method, where attackers craft convincing messages that appear to come from trusted sources, luring individuals into clicking on malicious links or sharing sensitive data like login credentials.

The attacker takes advantage of human weaknesses such as curiosity and trust in order to achieve their objectives.

What can Social Engineering Cover:

Phishing: Uncover employee susceptibility to deceptive emails through a tailored phishing campaign. The campaign involves simulating a real-life phishing attack to identify how the organisation responds and to build team awareness.

Spear Phishing: Experience a highly-targeted phishing simulation, using extensive research to tailor an attack against an individual staff member or a limited team. These emails might reference a target’s specific job role, recent activities or contacts to increase the likelihood of success.

Vishing: Engage our vishing service to identify weaknesses in the organisation’s voice-based interactions. Our simulated vishing calls expose how members of staff may be manipulated into divulging confidential information.

Upon completion of the social engineering engagement, you will receive a comprehensive report that sets out the actions that were taken, the results of the exercise and clear recommendations on where to focus your security efforts.

Why Conduct a Social Engineering Exercise?

A social engineering exercise offers several benefits for organisations looking to enhance their cyber security posture:

  1. Identify Weaknesses: Helps identify potential weaknesses in your organisation’s security awareness and response protocols. By revealing areas where employees may be susceptible to manipulation, you’ll know where to focus your security efforts.

  2. Raise Security Awareness: Increases employees’ awareness of social engineering tactics and red flags. By experiencing realistic scenarios, individuals are more likely to recognise and avoid potential threats in the future.

  3. Test Incident Response Plans: Helps to enhance incident response capabilities by evaluating the effectiveness of response protocols, enabling fine-tuning of incident management procedures.

  4. Compliance and Regulation: Helps your organisation meet compliance and regulatory requirements that ask your organisation to assess and improve their security awareness programs.


Our CREST-accredited social engineering service uncovers security weaknesses through simulations, strengthens your defences against real threats, and educates your team for better cyber security.

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